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An SBA Program that allows any USAID department or mission to award a sole-source contract (without any competition) up to $3,500,000 in less than 10 days


What are the benefits of the 8(a) certification?

·         8(a) certification allows for a company to receive non-competitive, sole-source contracts of up to $3.5 million dollars for goods and services, and up to $5.5 million dollars for manufacturing contracts (13CFR 124.506.a).


What are the benefits of using an 8(a) certified company for a contract?

·         For contracts under $3.5 million dollars, an 8(a) firm can be given a sole- source, non-competitive contract.  The entire process from beginning to end can take as little as 1 week to complete.  If an agency has a contract of pressing concern and wishes to avoid the open bid process, the agency may simply contact the 8(a) company directly to initiate contract talks.


What is an 8(a)-certified business?

·         An 8(a) business is certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a socially or economically disadvantaged business, and allows contracting offices increased flexibility when designating and awarding contracts.




LTL Strategies is an 8(a)-certified small business, working in international development.  The company specializes in Economic Growth & Competitiveness, Conflict Management, Democracy & Governance, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Global Project Management.


“Excellence and Ethics Combined for Measureable Results”